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Our Sheep

Icelandic mottle.jpg

We raise sheep that is right for any palate! 

Our Suffolk/Hampshire cross lambs are a heavier meat breed which are on a diet of pasture and grain.  Known for their large muscle development, they mature fast and require a lot of energy.  Due to their size, the yield is larger and their meat more flavorful.

Our Icelandic sheep are grass fed which go straight from our pasture to your freezer.  Icelandic sheep are a healthy alternative to beef and pork.  They are high in Omega 3 fatty acids, mild in flavor, and very tender. 


Meet Mae and Lola

Mae is the first Suffolk/Hampshire cross sheep that we bought as a five year old ewe.  She came with a companion, Lola, a yearling.  Mae has always been the matriarch.  She is very gentle, but still rules the roost.  At eleven years old, Mae had a set of triplets!


IMG_2249 - Copy.jpg

Meet Diamond!  Diamond was a 4-H lamb purchased from a family from Augusta, MT.  She has produced for us a string of top ewe lambs which match her laid back disposition and productivity.  She never fails to entertain us, isn't pushy or bossy, and comes running whenever she is called.  Among her offspring are Mini D, Sunny D, and Cleo. Pictured is one of Diamond's lambs. 

Simon and Lady.jpg


Lady is our very first ewe lamb that we kept to build our flock.  She won a purple ribbon as a ewe lamb at the Lewis and Clark 4-H fair in 2017.  She continues to produce top lambs, unfortunately, she has only had ram lambs and so as of yet, we haven't been able to keep any ewe lambs to continue her genetics.  

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