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Coming home

In 2016, we moved back to Montana from Seattle to raise our two boys, Evan and Simon.  The first thing we did was enroll them in the sheep program and purchased the start of our mini-flock, two beautiful Hampshire Suffolk cross ewes.  Since then, we have added ewe lambs every year and now have twenty-eight breeding ewes.  

Coming home was a big and uncertain move for us, but it was also a return to our roots.  Kari was raised on a sheep and cattle property in central Montana and spent her entire childhood and teen age years working with sheep.  Spring was spent in the lambing barn and summer in the mountains. Scroll down to see some historic pictures of trailing the sheep to the summer ranges. 

our brand

You may have noticed the cross on some of our pages. This is our family brand. This brand graced the many sheep that were part of the Moe Family ranch.

Sheep 2020.jpg
King's Hill.jpg

Today, our sheep are out on pasture during the summer months until the snow is too deep for them to forage.  Foraging keeps the ewes active and healthy and helps them produce healthy lambs.  They generally graze from sun up until it gets too hot, then they snooze in shade of the fence or trees. 

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